Being stylish is also about being honest and knowing that some parts of your body aren’t made for some items.  So the more you know about your body, the easier it is to look great.

We start with (Forgive Me!) Big Boobs.  It is really easy to look top heavy or slutty ladies with big boobs.  But no worries here are the solutions to your closet struggles.

The greatest thing you can do is to start with a well fitting bra and that may involve some investment!  Under wire and strong straps is what will lift them up and make you feel great.

T-shirts: Wide Open Neckline or V-Neck T-Shirts.

Why: A low, wide or v-neckline breaks up the chest and prevents your chest from melding with your neck and chin.

Avoid: High neck and sleeveless which makes your chest mold into one uni-boob.

Tops: Tight around the waist and loosening on the breast with with sleeves or Wrap tops.

Why: Due to the fact that the fabric is looser on the chest because it gives the illusion of not having too much to fill it.  Your waist will also look tiny by comparison.  Wrap tops emphasis waist over the boobs.

Avoid: Unfitted sleeveless Shell Tops, Rounded Neck Tanks.

Jackets: Very fitted, deepV, with hem cut to hip and a small lapel.

Why: Short length lengthens legs and deep V divides the chest so there is no Uni-Boob.

Avoid: Boxy, Short-Waisted Jackets, Princess Collars.

Dress: Wrap-dresses and Sweetheart neckline, empire line and three-quarter-length sleeves.  An evening alternative is a draw-string neckline cocktail dress.

Why: The wrap dress pulls in the waist and divides and separates the bust.  The Sweetheart makes the neck long and elegant, rather than connecting the chin and the chest.  The Draw string hides the tummy and dwarfs the size of the chest and prevents fabric clinging.

Avoid: Halter Necks, Spaghetti-Strap Slips

Sweater: Wrap cardigan, Round-neck cardigan undone to the top of your bra, Deep V neck in a fine knit (chunky will make you look fuller in top)

Why: The wrap cardigan will separate the breast, the round-neck cardigan shows off the cleavage and can be done up when cold.  The fine knit will keep you warm and looking svelte and dividing your breast.

Avoid: Chunky Knit, Polo Necks

Coat: A tight waist with narrow lapel and full skirt.

Why: The depth of the neckline breaks up the expanse of your chest.

Avoid: Funnel Neck, Anything Double Breasted, Belted Trench

Rules to live or shop by:

Never wear high rounded necklines.

Never wear cable knit sweater.

Don’t ever leave the house without doing the bra test.  If you can see the contours of padding or lace, take it off.

Avoid ribbed polo necks – they make your boobs look like they grow from your neck.

Chunk out the cloths that don’t suit you – even if you think of them as old friends. They do you no favors.

Never put on underwear that’s darker than the clothes you’re wearing.  It will show up and highlight your size.



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Some Essential Vintage Accessories:

  1. Classy black hat with netting.
  2. Funky purses
  3. Floral print silk scarf
  4. Classic pair of heels
  5. Jewelry

Where to find vintage clothing:

  1. Thrift Stores and Flea Markets
  2. Vintage clothing and/or antique shows
  3. Estate sales or house sales
  4. Retro Shops
  5. Internet
  6. GoodWill Auction Site
  7. Vintage Fashion Guild

Phone Book Headings: Lexicon is Imperative.

  1. Clothing Bought or Sold
  2. Consignment
  3. Used Furniture
  4. OR just ask someone who you think is in the know

Rummage Sale stratagies:

  1. Be the Early Bird
  2. Pick quickly, sort later
  3. Grab what you think you will use and don’t hesitate (there is always another picker behind you)
  4. Don’t haggle over a donated piece, the money is for a good cause.

Internet shopping:

  1. Read past reviews by the sellers customers for their quality and credibility.
  3. Some good places to go:,, (heritage auction galleries)
  4. Supply and Demand may push the price down on ebay.
  5. Search for “sleeper” sales.  Try common misspellings of famous designers and the like.
  6. Also search through to find mis-aged items.  People are not mistake proof.

How to instinctively know Vintage:

  1. “The More You Know”
  2. Watch old black and white movies
    • The Tin Man series
    • The Gold Diggers
  3. Know someone who sews vintage cloths
  4. Get to know how to use jewelry repair epoxy
  5. Buy what you like
  6. Learn fabrics from the period so you will know and spot the right fabrics
  7. For God’s Sake take a measuring tape.  You know that vintage clothes and their size labels don’t match our present labels.  So don’t forget to measure yourself and write that down.  Now measure the item at the normal places: Breast, Waist, Hips, length etc.  Alterations can be made thus find a person who can sew alteration, if that’s you even better.
  8. Don’t go overboard.  As Coco Chanel said “After you have completely dressed, turn around swiftly and look in the mirror.  The first thing you see, you must remove, less is more in this case.”

If you are looking for a book that much more than this you can get this book:

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